Microsoft Released New Windows Operating System Windows Vista with Support of Tibetan Language

On January 30, 2007, Microsoft released its new Windows operating system Windows Vista and Office 2007 to global market.

Many reasons are there to update your Windows OS to Windows Vista. However, for Tibetan users, the most indisputable reason is that Windows Vista supports Tibetan language.

Windows Vista is the only operating system in the world that supports Tibetan language for the first time. No any other operating system in the world supported Tibetan language at system level before.Windows Vista supports Tibetan language based on Tibetan Unicode.

Processing Tibetan in Windows Vista reaches the same level with English and many other languages. Users can do whatever they want in Vista with Tibetan language just like what they can do with English and many other languages. With Windows Vista, Tibetan users can process their Tibetan documents and books, send and receive their Tibetan emails, build Tibetan web sites, prepare their course slides in Tibetan, develop Tibetan software, etc. It is a revolution for Tibetan computing.

Before the release of Windows Vista, there are more than twenty different Tibetan encodings are being used in the entire world. And none of them is designed based on the international standard of Tibetan coded character set, the Unicode. Because of the chaos of Tibetan encodings in the community, users can not exchange their data; can not develop software for Tibetan language as well.

As the most popular OS in the world, Windows Vista will help us to unify world wide legacy Tibetan encodings to Unicode; brings us into the new era of Tibetan computing.

Microsoft Tibetan keyboard in Windows Vista was designed completely based on the Chinese national standard for Tibetan keyboard layout. Tibetan font provided by Windows Vista itself is named Microsoft Himalaya. With opening font application mechanism of Windows, more and more Tibetan fonts will be designed by other parties. Tibetan users will have chance to use many other Tibetan fonts in their system.

In those legacy Tibetan fonts, there are always lacks of some Tibetan syllables in the fonts. However, in Microsoft Himalaya, no such lack of Tibetan syllable is in the font. Users are allowed to input arbitrary Tibetan syllable with Microsoft Himalaya.

Tibetan parts in Windows Vista were developed under the full support of Tibetan computer experts.



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