How to Activate Tibetan Language Feature in Microsoft Windows

Tibetan language has already been supported by Microsoft in their operating system Windows. Any product package of Windows has Tibetan language feature within it, no matter what language version the Windows is. That means any computer from any corner of the world, it has the capability to process Tibetan language as long as it has installed MS Windows on it.

To process Tibetan language in your machine, you only need to follow the following simple steps:

Select Tibetan language when you install Windows on your machine, or go through the following steps:

  1. Go to Control Panel in Windows on your machine;
  2. Click on "Region and Language";
  3. Select "Language"; then select "Details";
  4. Select "Add", and then select "Tibetan"from the pull down menu "Input Language";
  5. Select "Microsoft Tibetan Keyboard"from the pull down menu "Keyboard Layouts";
  6. Select "Ok"to close all Dialogs;
  7. Check out Tibetan keyboard named "BO"on Language Bar on the Task Bar in your machine.

Now, your machine is Tibetan capable. You are ready to process Tibetan language in your machine.


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